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Our mission is to provide Enterprise Solutions suited to local governments and businesses.

AccTech Solutions, Inc. (ATS), providing services for small businesses, and A Systems Integrator, Inc. (ASI), providing services for government agencies, are actually one responsive and principled company, well known for exemplary services, industry expertise and integrity. We bring employees and clients together through personal communication and collaboration, allowing us to grow and succeed together.

IT Services

GDPR is Coming!

Are you GDPR-compliant? Organizations that process personal data must not only comply with the Regulation’s requirements – you must also be able to demonstrate your compliance. Let's work together to ensure that you and your team are in GDPR compliance!

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Cloud Solutions

  • Microsoft Office
  • Sales
  • Implementation
  • Conversions

Microsoft Azure

  • Azure Backup Scalable Solution
  • Critical Asset Protection
  • Disaster Recovery
HIPAA Compliance

Are your IT vendors HIPAA compliant?

  • Risk Analysis
  • HIPAA Documentation
  • HIPAA Training

Partner with a company that demonstrates their commitment to you.

Our years of experience, and being a privately held company, allow us to provide our clients access to our company's top management and illustrates our commitment to creating relationships of trust.

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Recent Blog Posts

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Technology to Empower Your Employees and Advance Your Mission

Your employees may be passionate about your mission, but are they empowered to help drive it? Find out what could be sabotaging their efforts – and how to fix it. The infographic, Technology to Empower Your Employees and Advance Your Mission, shows surprising statistics on just what’s limiting today’s employees from fulfilling their positions as much as they could. A Systems Integrator can turn those numbers around for you by helping you set up Microsoft Office 365.

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Alaska Airlines makes shopping easier with Azure and microservices

Productivity is important for every business. At Alaska Airlines, they’re using Microsoft Azure to increase productivity by getting new features to customers faster.

With Azure, you can use the management tools you feel most comfortable with, shorten your development cycles, reduce the risk and uncertainty of releasing software, and enable continuous integration and delivery.

A Systems Integrator wants you to have the tools you need to keep your business going and your customers happy. Contact us for more information on how to integrate Azure.

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London Midland Firstline Workers streamline operations and stay connected with Office 365

London Midland is using Office 365 to help keep their employees engaged and happy while increasing their ability to meet a rapid demand. A Systems Integrator is here to help you integrate a suite of tools that will increase your ability to handle whatever comes your way.

Office 365 gives you access to familiar tools–like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook–where and when you need them. Workers can communicate freely on the cloud, reducing their downtime. Imagine what Office 365 can do for your business.